Welcome to the website where you can search for breeding information on your horse! Here you find the official breeding values for horses used in Swedish Warmblood breeding, as well as results from the Young Horse Test, Riding Horse Test and competition. For every horse a four generational pedigree is shown as well as other basic information like year of birth, registration number, breeder etc. The most recent breeding class is shown for both mares and stallions and also whether the class has been changed. Information on individuals is updated weekly, however breeding values, summary of competition results, results from young horse tests and breeding statistics is updated once a year.

For stallions approved in Swedish Warmblood breeding, presentations are available. A fact sheet will also be available by link for each stallion currently active in breeding. This presents information for mare owners about from who and where to acquire services of the stallion.

The breeding values are based on results from the SWB young horse tests and on competition results from regional to international level.

Valuating breeding values are published for the following groups of horses:
  • Stallions with a minimum of 10 evaluated offspring at the SWB Young Horse Test and/or at the SWB Riding Horse Test.
  • Mares with at least one evaluated offspring from the Young Horse Test or Riding Horse Test or at least one offspring in competition on at least regional level. Mares that have been evaluated at an SWB young horse test themselves or have been competing get an official breeding value as well.

Descriptive Breeding Values based on the Linear Scoring performed at the young horse tests are published for stallions with at least 10 described offspring and for mares that have been linearly assessed themselves. The descriptive breeding values complete the valuating breeding values by giving more detailed information of the horses expected inheritance of performance traits.

In the search fields to the right you can put in one or more search criteria to find the horse you are interested in. You can also find ranking lists on stallions and mares, ranking due to whatever valuating trait you would like to look for. You can find these links in the top right corner.